2M Engineering Ltd.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2M Engineering is the lead partner in this project. 2M was founded in 2004 to specialize in the development of new high-tech innovative products for professional and consumer applications. They commit themselves to creating innovative, high quality solutions focusing on real unmet needs. Their activities are focused on lasers and sensors & measuring systems.  2M applies their technical and business expertise together with partners who are in general experts in a particular application area. The emphasis on the products developed is on improving the quality of life for the end user.
Current developments include an industrial sensor to improve safety in the machine and which will go into production in 2008, a series of measurement products for human (medical and sports) and equine applications, a very narrow bandwidth laser which will be used for non-invasive insulin measurement in people with diabetes and a fibre optic link. The founders each have more than 20 years experience in product conception, development and industrialization at Philips and 18 years experience in the development and application of lasers within and outside Philips. Since its initiation, the company has grown steadily and today has a eight permanent and seven temporary staff on the payroll. In addition to this they have five PhD students working on Photonic Crystals at the University of Delft.

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