TopGaN Ltd.

Warsaw, Poland

TopGaN is a new manufacturer of blue/violet/UV laser diodes constructed using unique and proprietary technology developed in Unipress, the institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The main current products are: high power pulse current laser diodes and laser modules for applications in spectroscopy, medicine and pollution detection. TopGaN’s pulse current devices emit up to 1 W of optical power (peak value). They also introduce high power CW operated laser diodes with output power in the range of 100-300 mW . They also offer custom made epitaxial wafers of (AlGaIn)N for optoelectronics and electronics, free standing GaN substrates and seeds and high-pressure treatment of materials. TopGaN has 22 employees and a turnover of €500.000. The turnover is planned to increase significantly after the investment stage is finished at the beginning of 2008. The key scientists who founded TopGaN are: prof. Sylvester Porowski, a director of the Institute of High Pressure Physics. prof. Izabella Grzegory- a chief of GaN crystal growth department
prof. Piotr Perlin- a chief of the laser diode department. prof. Mike Leszczynski- a chief of the epitaxy department. Every of these four professors has published more than 250 papers with citation index 1000-3000, and has had 20-40 invited talks at well-recognized scientific conferences.


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